What We Wore: Espadrille Wedge Sandals

What makes for a perfect day? Your best bud coming to town for a visit AND a big sale at your favorite shoe store! Just take a look at our new shoe finds below. My new tan-colored espadrille wedge sandals are perfect for carrying summer into fall.







As much as I love my espadrille wedge sandals, I have total shoe envy over J’s new strappy Freebird heeled sandals! I actually tried on the same pair of Freebirds, but my high-arched foot wouldn’t slide into the shoe. Sad face.




My best friend since junior high, J is the godmother of Scooter Britches and Little One (who will be baptized next Sunday…woohoo!), and I am the godmother of her children. We spend senseless amounts of time trying to get group pictures.



SB is so proud of her new little pink sandals from Old Navy. She wants to wear them with everything. And so do I.


Poor LO has such narrow feet that it’s just easier to let her bask in the barefoot joys of babyhood for now. I’m sure we will make up for lost time at some point. And, really, how many times in life do you get a free pass for not wearing shoes? (And, yes, people…we really DO wear shoes in Arkansas. Let’s let those tired jokes die, shall we?) And, no, her toes aren’t broken. She has her mama’s double-jointed toes on those narrow little feet.

You might have not even made it down to look at her toes, focused instead on the world’s most perfectly pouted lips. Those I can’t claim. She gets those honestly from her daddy.


On Amy:

Leopard dress/cover: Purchased at beach-side store in Destin, FL

Shoes: Warren’s Shoes

Necklace: Heifer International Gift Shop

Cow-horn bracelet: Gift from a friend’s adventure in Kenya

Earrings: Francesca’s

On J:

Coral shirt: Dillard’s

Black shorts: Oh! So Chic – Ruston, LA

Freebird sandals: Warren’s Shoes

On SB:

Shirt: JcPenney, monogrammed by my mom

Lace shorts: McClain & Co. Boutique – Benton, AR

Raspberry open-toe sandals: Old Navy

Bracelets: 312 Boutique – Benton, AR

On LO:

Outfit by Mudpie: The Toggery – Little Rock, AR

Headwrap: Made by my mom


Join us each week as I feature our mommy-daughter style. I am no fashion expert, but creating and sharing everyday looks pieced from upscale boutiques, my mama’s sewing table, discount stores, and big box stores is great fun for me.

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  1. Ada says:

    You know I love a mommy and daughter style post. Love your fun, sassy leopard dress and those amazing wedges. Both of your girls look adorable, too. Love the baby’s B+W Outfit and the older girl’s adorable lace shorts.

  2. Style Me Sunday says:

    Will pop back and have a monster catch up of your fab blog another time soon. But hey missus you are looking hot! And your little lady’s pout is just too cute for words. Loving the shoes! #StreetStyleSunday xxx

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