What We Wore: Dots and Plaid

Woohoo! It’s so nice to be back with some non-maternity looks and have a reason to get dressed again. You don’t wanna know all the ways my appearance suffered while on that maternity leave. I’m sure The Hubs is happy I am back at work and have to get showered and dressed routinely.

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My go-to dress this holiday season was this easy little plaid number from Old Navy. I don’t typically shop at Old Navy for myself. I find plenty of cute little shoes and things for the girls there, but don’t often find things for me. However, this little dress caught my eye when I went there to try to find SB some dress shoes back in December. This is my third or fourth time to wear it. Typically, I wear it with a long cardigan and booties. I’ve accessorized it differently each time, but this is probably my favorite way to wear it. What I love even more than plaid is multiple plaids and prints to mix. Such fun!

I bought SB this dress last winter, knowing it wouldn’t fit her until this winter. I have been eagerly awaiting the day for her to wear it since then! I think this little dress is so classy with all of its little details.

She saw me adjusting my belt so she had to adjust hers, too. You know what they say about monkeys…

One of the greatest delights in a gal’s life – discovering your dress has pockets! 

We have a third little model now, too! Little One is still too small to capture very many angles since she basically lays around all the time. What a bum, huh? Here she is a little while before our Razorback/Texas Bowl watch party on Monday. She is eight-weeks old here. Can you even believe it? Eight weeks!

On Amy:
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: DSW
Scarf: Gift
Belt: Dillard’s

On SB:
Dress: TJ Maxx
Cardigan: TJ Maxx (purchased separately)
Shoes: Old Navy
Hair bow: Zulily

On LO:
Gown: Gift from Children’s Shop – Ruston, LA (came with matching blanket)
Razorback hat: Smith Caldwell – Benton, AR
Razorback/polka dot blanket: made by my mom

Join me each week as I feature our mommy-daughter style. I do not consider myself a fashion expert by any means, but creating and sharing everyday looks pieced together from upscale boutiques, my mama’s sewing table, big box stores, and discount stores is great fun for me. 

See you next time!


  1. The Gifted Gabber says:

    A year! Oh, my goodness! I believe school teachers in Canada get one year off, with the option of taking two (the second year unpaid, I think). I was off five weeks total with the school's two-week Christmas break added to that and one week for Thanksgiving. And my maternity leave was much longer than some women get here. I actually posted about the way my maternity leave works in my other post from last week. http://www.thegiftedgabber.com/2015/01/working-mom-guilt.html
    Thanks for your compliments!

  2. Style Me Sunday says:

    Gorgeous all of you. I cannot believe how good you look after only a couple of months. Love that dress and the belt works perfectly. How long did you have off on maternity leave? Most people in the UK have a year off after the baby is born.

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