What We Wore: Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

I could have kicked myself when I realized that a shirt I had ordered for Scooter Britches months ago had yet to be worn. When I put it on her last week, it was almost too small. Eeek! I hate it when that happens. 
Two years old (29 months, for those other month-calculating moms)

Chasing her shadow


I remembered I took some pictures with this same outfit in February. Look how tiny my Little One looks in these pictures! Tear. She was about 3 1/2 months old.

On Amy:
Loose-fit polka dot blouse: Old Navy
Buffalo jeans: Dillard’s
Giani Binni heels: Dillard’s
Metallic bag: Express Your Self Boutique
Black-and-white stone necklace: Created at two different bead shops – in Galina, IL and North Little Rock, AR
Black-and-white earrings: Beijing, China

On SB:
Crazy Hair shirt: Zulily
Harlem pants: Zulily
Shoes: Walmart
Hair bows: Hobby Lobby

Join me each week as I feature our mommy-daughter style. I do not consider myself a fashion expert by any means, but creating and sharing everyday looks from upscale boutiques, my mama’s sewing table, big box stores, and discount stores is great fun for me.

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  1. The Gifted Gabber says:

    Alice, I always think I'm being so productive and well-planned by buying things in advance. Then, I feel so guilty when I come across something after it's already too small. At least now, I have a second little girl to save things for! Thanks for the comment!

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