What We Wore: Aztec Head Wraps and Giveaway

Sometimes, The Hubs tries to humor me on Sundays by wearing a shirt that coordinates with an outfit for Scooter Britches or Little One. We usually have the girls dressed first or at least have their outfits selected. I am usually the last one ready, giving him time to find something that will coordinate with at least one of them.  He does a pretty good job of it. Love that guy.

Since it was Father’s Day, I made things easy on The Hubs by pulling out one particular dress for Little One, knowing he has a pink plaid shirt that goes perfectly with her pink gingham dress.

It’s so hard getting a picture with everyone looking.

  And without Little One doing her Sumo wrestler breathing techniques.

My mom made both of the girls’ outfits. Super Talent strikes again.

On SB:
Dress: made by my mom
Shoes: Walmart
Hair bow: Target
On LO:
Dress: made by my mom
Hair bow: made by my mom
On The Hubs:
Shirt: The Gap
Pants: Old Navy

I mentioned in a recent post that Mom and I were tinkering around with the idea of starting a small shop of her sewing creations. She used to make and sell custom baby bedding, wedding and bridal party dresses, kids clothing, and more before her teaching career monopolized the majority of her time. Now that she has retired from teaching, she has more time on her hands. We have decided not to open a shop right now, as I feel like I have too much on my plate as it is. And we won’t be doing any custom work right now either. But we will occasionally find some fabrics we like and will have some “sewing days” so we can offer some items for giveaways and possibly offer some for sale to local friends. We will only have these sewing days when the timing is right, and we may make different types of items each time.

Last week, Mom and I spent some time making an initial assortment of head wraps. Pssshhh. You all know better. What I mean is that I selected some fabrics ahead of time and explained to Mom what I wanted to make. Then Mom spent some time creating her own patterns and sewing some wraps. We even tried to be all official and everything with cotton labels of our “company” name…Scooter Britches’ Stitches!

For the record, I really wanted to include Little One in the name, too. But it just became too difficult to come up with a short enough name that wasn’t already taken. Plus, Mom’s sewing obsession was triggered again with the birth of Scooter Britches.

We sold our first one the same day we made them!

I love, love, love picking out fabric!

Our first sold wrap!

And now…

For those of you interested…we are hosting our first Scooter Britches Stitches giveaway! Read below for a chance to win one set of head wraps. The winner will receive two head wraps (both in this adorable Aztec print fabric) and will choose top knot style, turban style, or one of each. (All photos pictured in this post are the top knot style. The turban style is best suited for babies. The top knot style will fit babies through adults.)

The top knot wrap fits my big mommy head, too! Enter to win one for you and your mini, or enter to win for you and a friend!


On the The Gifted Gabber Instagram account, double-click on the photo promoting this giveaway to “like” it.

That’s it! You have between now and Thursday, July 2 at noon to enter. On Thursday evening, I will contact the winner for mailing information and announce the winner on Instagram.

Thanks for participating! Oh, and be sure to follow The Gifted Gabber on Instagram, if you aren’t already!

Join us each week as I feature our mommy-daughter style. I am no fashion expert, but piecing together everyday looks from upscale boutiques, my mama’s sewing table, discount stores, and big box stores is great fun for me!

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