What We Wore

I’m so excited about my first post of what we wore! I am having so much fun dressing my mini me each day, and I’m not sure why it didn’t dawn on me sooner to combine the What I Wore and the What SB Wore posts.

This past weekend, the weather was perfect for a little afternoon garden stroll. We even had a quiet visitor make his way over to us. He was either enchanted by our fashions or disgusted by our invasion of his property. It was rather hard to tell.

Twelve months old!

On Amy:
One-shoulder dress (red, black, brown, and white): Indigo
Brown leather boots: Warren’s Shoes
Red tree-bark earrings: Purchased during travel; handmade in Panama City, Panama
On Scooter Britches:
Flower dress: W.E.L. Dressed Boutique in Arkansas
Sweater leggings: W.E.L. Dressed Boutique in Arkansas
Brown suede booties: Old Navy
Can’t wait to see what the ladies at the link ups over at Transatlantic Blonde and Style Elixer are wearing this week!

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