Warmest Thanks: Free Printable Gift Tags

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It’s that chilly time of year where we look around and give the warmest thanks for the people and things that matter the most. Well, I guess for most of us in the United States, it might be chilly. But not for those of us here in Arkansas. It’s been hit or miss. We got a tease of fall last week chased by 80-degree highs this week.

I digress.

Back to being thankful.

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If we all close our eyes really tight and sit in a few minutes of silence, I bet we can all come up with a list of people who make a difference in our lives. And some of these people might not fall in the obvious category.

Go on. Close your eyes. Sit tight for a few.

Who comes to mind?

Isn’t it amazing how many people we have to be thankful for in life?

For instance, it is super important to me that my girls’ teachers know how much we appreciate them – from our current daycare and preschool years all the way up into their future college years. And this isn’t just because I am an educator myself. When I was a kid, it was important to me and to my parents that my teachers were acknowledged for the role they played in my life. I remember taking fudge, cookies, and the gazillionth coffee mug that my teacher absolutely did not need.

At Christmas, I love to give Christmas tree ornaments as a gift to teachers. That’s my thing.

However, there are so many other times of the year to show thanks – any given day, really.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to give my girls’ teachers a little something – just a little happy treat to acknowledge our appreciation.

Maybe it’s that I’m wishing for permanent cool temps, but I thought a warm holiday-type drink with a cute little note would do the trick.

I whipped up some cute little polka dot tags that say warmest thanks and printed them off. A quick swing through my McDonald’s drive-through and our thank you treats were ready to be delivered.


Warmest Wishes - Free Printable Gift Tag - The Gifted Gabber

Because I love you and I know we have months of chilliness ahead (I hope!), I am sharing my printable warmest thanks tags with you so that you can treat someone special in your life with a warm treat.

Link to black-and-white Warmest Thanks Printable

Scooter Britches was so excited to take some hot chocolate and some peppermint mocha to her teachers. Little One was uncooperative for photos – as she often is these days!

Warmest Thanks - Gift Tag Printable - The Gifted Gabber

Warmest Thanks - Gift Tag Printable - The Gifted Gabber

I highly recommend McDonald’s peppermint mocha, caramel mocha, or the white hot chocolate. You could also choose from the frappe chocolate chip, the frappe caramel, or the plain hot chocolate.

The McCafe hot drinks are currently only $2 for a small size.

Don’t forget to download the McDonald’s app! When you buy 5 McCafe beverages, you get one any size FREE!

Warmest Wishes - Free Printable Gift Tag - The Gifted Gabber

December 5th through January 1st, you can get 1 Egg McMuffin or Egg White Delight and a medium Coffee, Soft Drink or Sweet Tea for just $3!

Warmest Wishes - Free Printable Gift Tag - The Gifted Gabber

You can also get any size McCafe drip coffee for $1! What are you waiting for?! Head to your local central Arkansas McDonald’s to take advantage of happy any hour now!

Warmest Wishes - Free Printable Gift Tag - The Gifted Gabber

I hope you enjoy the warmest thanks gift tags and put them to use soon!

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