Valentine’s Day Home Tour

Happy day, everyone! Thanks for stopping by my Valentine’s Day home tour!

Like most people, I wasn’t always into Valentine’s Day. Obviously, in the single days, I could not care less about adorning my house with pink and red decor that reminded me of the day. Even after the Hubs and I were together, I was excited for the day itself but didn’t really think about adding festive flair to the house.


Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

After we had Scooter Britches, my mind started twisting into making this a family-style holiday. After all, it is a day to celebrate the people you love – whether it be family or friends. That is really when I started getting the itch to add decor to the house, but I really hadn’t done much until this year.

I am a huge holidays person. I love going all out for various holidays throughout the year. That being said, the holidays can really get out of hand for the wallet. Between keeping the girls decked out in holiday attire, decorating the house, gift purchasing, and party planning, the holidays are a money suck. I want Valentine’s Day glam in the home, but I don’t want this to become to the degree of over-spending like many of us do at Christmas time either.

Because I have never decorated much for this holiday before,  I had nothing to work with this year which meant shopping for decor and repurposing things I already had. So my budget for decorating the house for Valentine’s Day? I decided I would spend no more than $40 and would buy mostly things that could be repurposed for future years.

First, I hit up the Target dollar aisle…because what woman in her right mind wouldn’t? Next, came The Dollar Tree, Home Goods, and my favorite flea market/boutique market in Arkansas called Painted Tree Vintage.

I even put the girls to work to help craft some decorations.

They didn’t mind.

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

And like I said in my Christmas home tour post, in order to make my home tour stand out among the masses, I insert a cute kid here and there.

The front door was done entirely with Dollar Tree finds. Alone the little red wreaths can look kind of cheap. But stringing them together and hanging them vertically adds a great impact. The pots were pots were from the backyard. I wrapped tinsel garlands around them to add a pink and red color theme. I did not think that out very well as the wind blows them all over the place. The branches were from some trees the Hubs recently trimmed. Scooter Britches and Little One had a crafting afternoon where they helped me shape pipe cleaners into hearts to dangle on the branches. I found the “love you more” at the flea market and the little red rocker belonged to The Hubs when he was little.

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

So the tinsel garland on the pots became a victim of January winds, but I am happy with the door! I love how the wreaths look hanging together vertically.


Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

I absolutely love this black-and-white vase which I added to one of the kitchen vignettes. I love the graphic punch of this vase and the fact that it can be figured into so many different decor/holiday themes for the rest of the year. Apparently, I’m not the only one who loves it. I’ve seen no less than 15 other bloggers on Instagram with it also. I also found the garland, the small red tray, the arrow wine bottle stopper, and the candy jar at Target.

At Home Goods, I found the towels with the red, pink, black, and gold theme. I am participating in a Valentine’s Day gift swap with another blogger/IGrammer and bought two sets of towels to split with her. Of course, I can’t turn down anything that features phrases in other languages! I love the little heart picks from Dollar Tree. I added them to this vignette and also to the mantle.

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber


My other kitchen vignette includes a cocoa/baking bar. To my red cake platter and my gold tray (which I use for everything), I added some Valentine’s Day cupcake liners and picks, some straws, and some leftover napkins. I strung some cookie cutters around with baking twine. The large glass jar with heart-shaped marshmallows is from Home Goods.

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

As I’ve mentioned before, I get overwhelmed with decorating my mantle for some reason. To keep things simple, I added some of the heart picks to a gold vase which was already there. The only new item is “love” sign which I found at my favorite flea market. It has been painted gold which adds to the red, pink, black, and gold theme I chose for this year. The little crate is something I already had. I picked up the two little birds at Dollar Tree to create a “love birds” look.

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

For the bookcase in the living room, I created a second love birds area using an old decorative bird cage which I’ve had for probably 10 or 15 years. I added some packing shreds and some twigs. The little porcelain birds in the nest were found at the flea market. I love that they are actually salt and pepper shakers which means I will be adding them to my spring tablescape in the next month or so. The wooden cupid was another find at the flea market.

The canvas I painted at 2 p.m. last Friday night when both girls had woken us up so many times that I couldn’t go back to sleep. “Te amo mucho mucho mucho” is something SB and I say to each other every night as I tuck her in. Of course, I say it to LO, too, even though she can’t reciprocate yet. SB also says this phrase to her grandparents when Facetiming. My husband who is picking up bits of Spanish here and there through our interactions also says it to the girls. It is a special phrase for us around here so I felt it was the perfect quote to paint onto a canvas and hang in our home. Of course, the lettering is not perfect, but that does kind of go along with the usual not-quite-perfect vibe our entire home has.

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

The love I have for this wooden crate and vase set from Kirkland’s has no limits. I found it during December of 2014 and dropped enough hints to the Hubs that he made his way over and bought it for me for Christmas. This piece is so versatile, and I get excited with every new season or holiday just planning out what I want to do with it. I took foam heart stickers from Target and hung them all over branches from the yard. Instant budget-friendly decor.

Valentine's Day Home Tour - The Gifted Gabber

And there you have it, y’all! My first ever Valentine’s Day home tour. I’ll be excited next year to reuse all of these items again and see how I can change it up a bit.

What is your favorite area of the home to decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    Your house is filled with love — the real kind and the decorative kind for Valentine’s Day. Your daughters are delightful. I saw your home featured at Cindy’s Amaze Me Monday party. Congrats!

  2. Life Loving says:

    Your house looks so ‘in love’. You’ve made such an effort. I just painted my nails and made some valentine’s cake – that doesn’t even compare!

    Sally @ Life Loving

  3. Gabby says:

    I love your decorations in your home! They are just so cute! I also love the pictures of your kids they are all just darling! I wish I could get my apartment to look half that good! I just have a tiny apartment with no storage at all! Thank you for linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party!

  4. Lou Lou Girls says:

    This is so awesome! Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for sharing this at our party! I always love your amazing creations. I hope to see you next Monday because we love to party with you! Happy Wenesday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. AshleyG says:

    I LOVE the one of Lil Norah Jane and the pillow soooo much!! And you are just soooo CRAFTY!!! Gosh, why cant I live closer to do fun projects with you?!!

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