It’s All Cupcakes and Rainbows – Trolls Birthday Party

If you’ve come looking for Troll-ific ideas for your child’s birthday party, you’ve come to the right place! We just celebrated Scooter Britches 5th birthday (what?!) and Little One’s 3rd birthday (huh?!) with a cupcakes and rainbows themed Trolls birthday party.

“This is a story about happiness.”

I’m not even gonna lie. Back in the summer, when I asked SB what kind of party she and LO might like, I tried my hardest to plant some super cool birthday party ideas in her head. I’m a Type A mama like that.

But it was to no avail for the child was dead set on a Trolls birthday party. And as soon as little sister heard big sister say “Trolls birthday party,” the deal was sealed. Little sis wants everything big sis wants.

Trolls Birthday Party - #kidsparties #kidsbirthdayparties #trollsparty - The Gifted Gabber

Don’t get me wrong. I think The Trolls Movie is adorable and the colorful cheeriness of the characters is great. But I’ve never been a big fan of throwing character-themed parties since they tend to be used so often.  

But decorating with color is kind of my jam so I thought there was at least that to play off of with this party theme. This is where the rainbows idea came from. Plus, it was fun to put a spin on the “Cupcakes and Rainbows” quote from the movie.

Speaking of cupcakes, didn’t my friend do a wonderful job on the custom order cupcakes? And the Poppy hair has about 2 dozen additional cupcakes.


Trolls Birthday Party - Poppy Cake - The Gifted Gabber


Trolls Birthday Party Cupcakes

Trolls Birthday Party Cupcakes


The party food was pretty simple – cupcakes, colorful cookies (picked up from my local Walmart bakery), and bowls of colorful candy. For the drinks, we used the colorful juice “barrels.”

Trolls Birthday Party Cupcakes

Rainbow Candy for Trolls Birthday Party - The Gifted Gabber

My original plan was to create Troll hair birthday hats by fringing sheets of felt and hot gluing the felt over cheap birthday hats. I went to the store to find felt and birthday hats when I saw the cute paper Trolls birthday party hats in the party section at Walmart. I also saw them at Target. Shoot! My work was done!

Trolls Birthday Party - #kidsparties #kidsbirthdayparties #trollsparty - The Gifted Gabber


I found the rainbow table display on Amazon.

Rainbow centerpiece for Trolls Birthday Party - The Gifted Gabber

Walmart sells a package of brightly colored fabric strips. I hot glued the colorful fabric to a long piece of twine for a vertical rainbow with stretched out spider web fabric bunched up on top for clouds. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!


Trolls Birthday Party - #kidsparties #kidsbirthdayparties #trollsparty - The Gifted Gabber


The oldest child was DONE on photo taking for the day. Haha! Oh, and the party involved a big indoor playground which is why the kids are wearing socks. Nope – not an Arkansas thing.
Trolls Birthday Party - #kidsparties #kidsbirthdayparties #trollsparty - The Gifted Gabber


After much back-and-forth, I finally broke down and made my own Hug Time bracelets. I looked online but they were just too pricey for the number of kids we were expecting. I knew it would be a cinch to make them. It would just take some time. And so…armed with some clearance felt and two packages of felt flowers from Hobby Lobby, I was ready to start my own Hug Time bracelets factory. I thought they turned out super cute. Granted, it became a true family project with my mom, my mother-in-law, and I all working together to cut the felt into strips, attach the flowers (which came with their own adhesive backings), and hot glue the tips of the strips to make one-size-fit-all (for kids, anyway) bracelets. We tried to make them all different.


Hug Time Bracelets for Trolls Birthday Party - The Gifted Gabber

When planning for this party, I had come across the idea to make a Poppy head out of a pumpkin. Since this was an October party, I thought it was super clever, but I know my limitations when it comes to crafting. How excited I was when I walked into Scooter Britches’ classroom and saw her teacher had made one for their preschool pumpkin contest! She agreed to let us borrow the pumpkin for our party. SB was quite insistent about it so I’m not sure her teacher could find a way to turn her down!

Poppy Pumpkin - The Gifted Gabber

Trolls Birthday Party - #kidsparties #kidsbirthdayparties #trollsparty - The Gifted Gabber

If you know me, you know I like a good pin-the-tail game. Remember our pin-the-bow tie on the book worm game from our library birthday party?

This pin-the-nose-on the Troll game from Trustiti at Etsy was so much fun!

For whatever the reason, Branch has no pants on in the image so I slapped one of our leftover felt flowers to cover his bottom…haha! I didn’t want the little kids making a big deal of his naked booty. After all, my SB still somehow thinks the word “naked” is a “potty word.”

Pin the Nose game for a Trolls birthday party - The Gifted Gabber

Trolls Birthday Party - #kidsparties #kidsbirthdayparties #trollsparty - The Gifted Gabber

I ordered the birthday party invitations from Kiddies Print, and this cute thank you printable was part of the purchase.


Troll Hair Cotton Candy for Trolls Birthday Party - The Gifted Gabber

The cotton candy pouches were purchased here from Amazon. I ordered the Troll Hair design from Magic Paper Store on Etsy. I used it to order adhesive labels from Vista Print. I also found the large Cupcakes and Rainbows digital download from Trustiti on Etsy and ordered it from Vista Print as a 16×20 canvas as you saw above.

Well, I hope you had a Troll-astic time checking out our Trolls Birthday Party! Indeed, it was a day of happiness.


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