Toddler Easter Party Favors With Lil’ Beanies

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I absolutely love signing up to bring party favors for the girls’ day care parties. I’m like a kid at heart when it comes to selecting treats to fill up the little bags. The difficult thing is finding age-appropriate snacks and toys for the pre-toddlers – which is the age group my Little One is in right now. I’m talking about the babies that are past the infant stage but not yet in the two-year-old range.

Toddler Easter Party Favors With Lil' Beanies Snacks

These babies are too young for a lot of the candy that you might usually place inside plastic Easter eggs during egg hunts or for Easter baskets. There are some candies, like solid chocolates that melt in the mouth, that the babies are capable of eating, but parents often don’t want their children eating much sugary candy. And a lot of the party favor style toys present chocking hazards so those aren’t a good choice either. Therefore, it can be a bit of a challenge to find appropriate party favors for this particular age group.

Luckily, this year, I came across the perfect toddler Easter party favors to fill inside the Easter eggs and for baskets. The Gerber Lil’ Beanies snacks, which can be found at Walmart in the baby food section, fit perfectly inside the plastic eggs and are great for older babies who can feed themselves, toddlers, and preschoolers. I bought the larger size eggs so more puffs would fit inside. I washed the eggs with soap and water and let them dry before adding any puffs to them just to be safe.

Lil’ Beanies are made with navy beans and have no artificial flavors or colors and contain no genetically modified ingredients, according to information provided by the company. I used two different flavors – original and white cheddar with broccoli – to fill the eggs. My girls wolf down both kinds, but they really seem to like the white cheddar with broccoli.

Toddler Easter Party Favors Using Gerber Lil' Beanie Snacks Toddler Easter Party Favors Using Gerber Lil' Beanie Snacks

Now that Scooter Britches is three, she is quite the helper with projects. She volunteered to fill the bags. We filled the bags for her class first, which had some toys and things appropriate for three-year-olds, such as bubbles, malt balls, little stretchy bunnies, and the eggs with the Lil’ Beanies.

Toddler Easter Party Favors Using Gerber Lil' Beanie Snacks Toddler Easter Party Favors Using Gerber Lil' Beanie Snacks

Next, she helped fill the bags for LO’s class. LO’s class had a soft marshmallow bunny, a sweet little bunny mask, and the eggs with the Lil’ Beanies snacks. To be honest, the marshmallow bunnies were only added as filler to the bag. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if the parents tossed those right away. I am one of those not-too-much-sugar kind of moms, myself.

Toddler Easter Party Favors Using Gerber Lil' Beanie Snacks

The girls came home from their day care parties with their baskets loaded. Does this give the Easter Bunny permission to totally skip our house now?

Toddler Easter Party Favors Using Gerber Lil' Beanie Snacks

What are your favorite go-to items for party favor bags?

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  1. Cassie from True Agape says:

    Two great minds think alike! My daughter loves the Lil Beanies and ate them all up, but I just restocked and put some in her Easter basket and the eggs she will hunt. Then I will pull out the rest of the stash! She is going to be so excited to have them in her basket!

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