Handmade Sugar Skull Dresses – What We Wore

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a What We Wore post! Time has been flying and my girlies have been growing. Today, I’m sharing the girls’ sugar skull dresses. 

Sugar Skull Dresses - #kidfashion #littlegirlstyle #littlegirlfashion #diadelosmuertos #sugarskulls -What We Wore - The Gifted Gabber

I shared this post  on our handmade Halloween dresses. Luckily, my mom made them a bit big for the girls so they are able to wear them again next year. Well, she also made them these gorgeous handmade sugar skull dresses to wear for the Halloween and El Día de los Muertos season. She made them a touch bigger so they could wear them next year, too. 

I’m late posting these pictures so the girls have already grown since these were taken. Why do little kids grow so quickly?!

How sweet and small(er) Scooter Britches and Little One were with each other in these pictures! LO’s hair was so much shorter than it is now. I can see the difference with these pictures and some others that were taken this week.

little girl in sugar skull dresses - The Gifted Gabber

little girls in sugar skulls dresses - The Gifted Gabber

Sisters in sugar skull dress - The Gifted Gabber

No, girls! Don’t go in there! A crazy witch and her little monsters live there!

little girls in sugar skull dresses at front door - The Gifted Gabber

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