My Second Review on The Story Box

Disclosure: This is my second review on The Story Box, and it has been sponsored by The Story Box company. I was provided one or more items to review for this post. All opinions are my own, and I only agree to review products that I have a genuine interest in exploring.

I am back today giving my second review on The Story Box. If you guys read my first review on The Story Box, you already know that I found the program to be worthwhile. The Story Box directors asked if I would like to try a second box. How could I say no? The girls – especially Scooter Britches – is still enthralled with the first set of books. I wish you could hear her helping to narrate the story as we go through the book.

My Second Review on The Story Box

Also, a speech therapist who evaluates the children at the girls’ day care each year mentioned that SB was having a few articulation issues with certain letters, such as l and w. And, even more troubling, she said that Little One is a bit behind on communication skills. This conversation came just a few weeks ago, right after I had agreed to write a second review on The Story Box. We’ve always been big book readers around here, but now Mama Bear has an even bigger mission so I welcome new books with open arms.

The Story Box, founded by a nationally certified speech-language pathologist and her husband, focuses on promoting language development in young readers.  Holly curates the books for The Story Box and chooses colorful books with vivid illustrations and easy-to-follow plots. Also present are rhyming words, alliteration, and other literary devices. In the other post, I told about how I had taken the books to the speech-language pathologist who works at the school where I teach. I won’t go into detail of her thoughts since you can find them in my other post, but she found the books to be beneficial for speech development.

The Story Box provides a guide sheet of literacy skills (by age level) as well as a sheet of activity suggestions for each book. I have to say that I have been really impressed with the selection of the books. In the first box, we received a book about a snowstorm – just as our own snow was melting on the ground.

And what did we get this time? SB remembered opening the the box from last time, and she was excited to open it and see her “prize.”

My Second Review on The Story Box

One book, Big Bouffant by Kate Hosford, is the most adorable thing ever! It is all about a young girl who wants to set her own path with fashion and trends…kind of like my little SB who has been quite independent and strong-willed about her style this last year or so. The illustrations are fabulous! And even at one-year-old, LO enjoyed pointing at the pictures and babbling along.

I had originally thought maybe SB and I would make a paper ball gown inspired by the gown the character in the book wears. But SB had ideas of her own. After we read the book once, she ran and got one of her baby dolls and a hair brush. She was going to put a “boufandant” in its hair. When that didn’t work, she decided “beebie sissy” was her next subject for the experiment.

My Second Review on The Story Box

My Second Review on The Story Box

A few days later, after reading the book a couple more times, she ran to her room and put on the new princess dress her daddy had just gotten for her. She was going to be “a princess like that gurrr-uhl.”

My Second Review on The Story Box

She also thought that she would give another go at giving her beebie sissy a big boufandant.

Okay, so maybe we do need to work on our articulation around here…just a bit. It’s still pretty darn cute, if you ask me. I mean aren’t three-year-olds supposed to have a cute…ahem…accent and vocabulary?

My Second Review on The Story Box My Second Review on The Story Box

After a long while, she finally seemed to resign herself with the fact that LO just doesn’t have enough hair for a big boufandant.

Poor little LO seemed relieved.

My Second Review on The Story Box

But she isn’t totally off the hook.

“When my beebie sissie get bigger like me, I going to give her a boufandant again.”

My Second Review on The Story Box

The other book in the shipment we received is Friends by Michael Foreman. It is a neat choice and it also has great visuals. It stars a cat and a goldfish – an unlikely set of friends – and presents a great moral about friendship and belonging.

So there you have it folks. I have been impressed with this book-curating company two out of two times now. As far as pricing goes, I believe the subscription is reasonable. Each time, I received two high-quality books shipped directly to my front door with accompanying activity ideas and age-appropriate literacy skills for a similar or lower price than the high-quality books I see in the retail stores and book stores. Given that the books are often season-appropriate and are curated by an experienced speech pathologist, I give this company two thumbs up.

You can learn more about the pricing and details for The Story Box by visiting the website link at the top of this post. If you decide to subscribe, you can use coupon code TAKESIX to take $6 off of your first order.  Note the coupon is a one-time offer and cannot be combined with other offers.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first review and now the second review on The Story Box. What kind of books do your children like to read in your home?

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