Nostalgic Play Date at McDonald’s

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Being a school teacher, despite its many stresses and endless to-dos, does bring the benefit of spending 3/4 of my year as a working mom and 1/4 of my year as a stay-at-home mom. It’s the best of both worlds. For us, the summer time is for all the things we don’t get to do during the “working mom” part of my year – like trips to the library for story time and play dates with my mom friends and their kiddos during the week. I also like the idea of giving my kids the same kind of summer fun I had as a kid – like playground time at the park or a play date at McDonald’s.

Play dates at the park are great if we get there before the 90-degree temps strike. Otherwise, lunch or early dinner play dates are great at some of our local eating establishments that have play areas. Our local McDonald’s is a great choice for a play date since Scooter Britches love the nuggets and “fren fries.”

Nostalgic Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber

Last week, I told her she was going to get to go to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal and to play with her friend. All night and the next morning, she kept asking if it was time go yet.

“I’m ready to go to Donald’s and see my friend!”

And I was more than ready for her and Little One to burn off some energy in the play area.

Once we arrived, we ate first since SB said her “belly was all growly and not enough food in it.”

Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber

Did you know that you can use the McDonald’s phone app to get great deals at McDonald’s? For instance, you could plan your play date for a Friday and take advantage of the free medium fries with any purchase offer on your app. Or you could use the offer for free medium fries with the purchase of any sandwich. There are surprise deals each week on the app.

The kids were all pleased with their Happy Meal toys. Our little friend, a boy, got a Skylanders Superchargers toy. My girls each got a Powerpuff Girls toy. In typical SB fashion, she gave a long hard look at both her toy and LO’s and then tried to do a switcheroo. I’m thinking this method of hers is only going to last a short while longer as LO has gotten to the age of “mine!” if you know what I mean.

Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber

Some McDonald’s play areas are indoors. The particular McDonald’s that we visited last week has an outdoor play area. Although the temperature outside was pretty high, the kids had a grand time playing and didn’t even care about the heat. The sitting area for the adults is under the shade of the play tunnels. Parents can also opt to sit indoors and watch their children through the windows which are only several feet from the play tunnels. Because we were with two three-year-olds and an eighteen-month-old, we sat outside to supervise. It was actually pleasant in the shade for my friend and me. We took the kids’ cups of water outside with us and made sure they drank water throughout their play session. It was also in early evening so the temperature had dropped.

Of course, I had tried to convince SB that she needed to wear shorts and a tank top or t-shirt to play, but the kid is obsessed with dresses. She wants to wear nothing but dresses. And since I am such a sucker for both of the girls dressing alike, both girls wound up a bit overdressed for their outdoor play date.

Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber

The kids had a blast! And I had such a nice time visiting with my friend while the kiddos kept themselves busy. Even LO was able to keep up with the three-year-olds. Since she is a climbing maniac lately, the tunnels and bouncing area gave her plenty to explore.

Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber

At the end came some sweaty “we just had a blast playing together” hugs. Is there any better kind of hug?

Play Date at McDonald's - The Gifted Gabber

How to Find Out if Your Local McDonald’s Has a Play Area for a Play Date

McDonald’s is a great place for a play date! Be sure to find out if the McDonald’s you plan to visit has a play area before taking children on a play date. As I mentioned above, some McDonald’s have an indoor area and others have an outdoor area. There are some locations which do not have a play zone. To find out for sure, visit the McDonald’s website (which I linked at the very top of my post). On the left side bar, choose the “Locations” tab. Enter your zip code or state and scroll down to see a list of all McDonald’s locations. There is a column that says “Playplace.” The locations with a play area will have a check mark.

What is your favorite thing to do for a nostalgic play date?

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  1. Kayla says:

    One of my daughters favorite places to go to is McDonalds, but unfortunately none of the McDonalds even close to our area have a play zone! This looks like so much fun for the kids, I wish she could get to experience it as well! 🙂

  2. Roxanne says:

    The local McDonald’s right around the corner from my house closed. All of the neighborhood moms (and myself) are heart broken! We used to have play dates there all the time- in the summer it was a cool escape from the heat and in the winter it was a warm escape form a snow outdoors. Looks like you all had fun!

  3. Ivan Jose says:

    This looks a fun and enjoyable experience. While kids would surely love this, it’s also an opportunity for adults to relax and have fun and bond with kids.

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