Mi clase es tu clase Printable – Free for Classroom

Well, teacher friends, the summer has slipped past us yet again! It’s time to get these classrooms ready for the new year. Today, I’m sharing this “mi clase es tu clase” printable – free for your classroom!

I moved to a new classroom this summer. Well, it’s actually the same classroom I was in for seven years, but I haven’t been in it in three years. So it is new to me again! New classrooms means new decorations and a new vibe.

At home, I have a “mi casa es su casa” pillow on the front porch. I’ve always loved the message of welcome and warmth that is behind that phrase. I decided I wanted something similar for the classroom. I decided to make a poster for my class and for my Spanish teacher friend who just had a birthday.

I created my mi clase es tu clase printable with the familiar “tu” form rather than the “su” form, since the message is geared for children in my classroom. In my classroom, I address my students in the “tu” form. But I went ahead and created a “su” version as some of you may teach adults or prefer the “su” version in general.

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I printed my mi clase es tu clase printable to my local Walgreens as an 11×14 board print. I also could have printed it to the 16×20. I would be hesitant to print to the 20×30 size due to possible problems with resolution. One 11×14 board print was $14.99, but I ordered with a 25% off coupon code from Walgreens so I got it for around $12.00. If you wanted, you could also print to a smaller size and put it in a frame. If you use a frame that you already have lying around, you could print this for pretty cheap.

The board print looks awesome! It is about 1/4 of an inch thick or so. I am going to hang the print on my doorway window so that it can be seen from the hall as students enter my room.

Important: make sure you preview your print sizes AND crop as needed before you submit you print!

Mi clase es tu clase download

Mi clase es su clase download

Hopefully, your new mi clase es tu clase printable will add a fun new pop to your classroom this year!

And buena suerte with your new school year!


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