Metallic Hunter Boots for Rainy Day Style

Finally! I had never waited so long for rain so I could wear my new metallic Hunter boots! My favorite weatherman had me rolling my eyes every day for the last week with his cheery announcements of warm fronts, unusual highs, and sunny skies! Really, Todd? I wanted rain, dang it!
Two weeks ago, my shiny (and I do mean SHINY) new metallic Hunter boots arrived on my doorstep at the end of a long week of rain and storms. How excited I was before realizing it would be a while before I could wear them. I had used a Victoria’s Secret gift merchandise card I had been carrying around for 12 years to order them. Yes, you read that right. Twelve years. I am the face of gift card hoarder. Last time I checked, I had around 30 gift cards in my special gift card wallet. If you have to have a special wallet, you’re a gift card hoarder.
 Metallic Hunter Boots - Rainy Day Style - The Gifted Gabber
As you guessed, The Hubs was thrilled that I chose to use my Victoria’s Secret card on metallic Hunter boots.
Metallic Hunter Boots for Rainy Day Style
Thanks to my lovely friend, SS, for the pics!
Metallic Hunter Boots for Rainy Day Style
Metallic Hunter Boots for Rainy Day Style
After school, I ran into my sweet teacher friend who had an amazing pair of white Hunter boots. Don’t you just love them? For a minute, my mind started racing through that collection of gift cards to see if I had any that could be used somewhere else for some white Hunter boots! See? I save those gift cards for a rainy day!
Metallic Hunter Boots for Rainy Day Style
You’ll have to excuse the wrinkles. Taking pictures at the end of a l-o-o-o-n-g day in the classroom is never a good idea!
Metallic Hunter Boots for Rainy Day Style
No munchkins this week.
On Amy:
Black skinny cords: Gap
Denim shirt: Target
Metallic Hunter boots: Victoria’s Secret
Scarf: Express Your Self Boutique – Bryant, AR
Umbrella: Target

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  1. life as our little family says:

    Wow I have never seen a silver pair before. You can't beat a pair of Hunters for a rainy day. Us brits know how to make a good wellie, amazed you can but them in Victorias Secrets! Your poor hubby! You just need the big socks to go with them now and they'll be perfect. Thank you for linking to #StreetStyleSunday

  2. Style Me Sunday says:

    Omg i love those boots. I'm pretty sure Hunters are an English brand. They are very popular over here, especially in the summer when we go to festivals. You look great btw xxx #streetstylesunday

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