Meet My McDonald’s Ambassador Friends

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for McDonald’s. I am compensated for this Meet My McDonald’s Ambassador Friends post. 

I’m not gonna lie. Blogging is A LOT of work. I can’t even tell you the hours each week that are spent on writing, photography, attending events, and marketing. Add to that the hours spent weekly on studying the latest trends of social media influencing and blogging growth strategies.

But there are perks.

And one of those perks involves the friendships that can be built through the fast-moving world of blogging.

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - Bloggers - Blogging Friends - Sponsored Posts - Blogger and Brand - Blogging - The Gifted Gabber


Today, I am going to introduce you to some ladies I have had the pleasure of getting to know through our work as blog ambassadors for Central Arkansas McDonald’s. These McDonald’s Ambassador friends come from different backgrounds and job markets. I think we all bring something different to our roles as ambassadors for McDonald’s.

Meet my McDonald’s Ambassador friends!

5 Random Facts About Tiffany from Single Mommy Warrior

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - The Gifted Gabber

1. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. There was a point in college when I was so sick that I thought I was going to die. I clearly remember praying that I didn’t die until after the last Harry Potter book was released and I’d had a chance to finish it. Did I mention that I’m an un-diagnosed hypochondriac?
2. I’m a lover of all things whimsical and fantastic. I love cartoons, Disney movies, and Young Adult fantasy. I color more than my son does and am known to randomly sing lyrics during conversations.
3. I grew up wanting to be either a writer or a veterinarian. But then I realized that I’m very wary of most animals, so I decided being a writer was probably the better fit.
4. Despite my love of writing, I didn’t go to school for it. I actually have 3 degrees in Sociology and Psychology. However, I did end up becoming a writer, completely by chance. I started blogging when I was pregnant and it was through networking with other bloggers that I fell into the world of freelance writing. I’ve been working from home (as a single mom) since 2012.

5. One of my bucket list items is to be part of a dancing or singing flash mob.

I’m not sure Tiffany and I have the same tastes in movies or books, but we have the same degree! Psych majors unite! 

Read up here on how Tiffany incorporates a visit to McDonald’s into her family fun day. 

5 Random Facts About Ricci from Ricci Ellis

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - The Gifted Gabber

1.My favorite color is pink.
2. I don’t have any kids of my own but I do have 5 nieces and 2 nephews…what can I say, I come from a large family!
3. When I was a kid I begged my mom to change my name to Page so I could grow up to own a bookstore and name it Pages.
5. I am known for my “famous” chicken spaghetti recipe…just ask my family!

Hmmm…I’m quite famous in my own circles for my chicken spaghetti, too. Spaghetti cook-off soon, Ricci? 

Check out Ricci’s McDonald’s post on the three different Mac sandwiches here

5 Random Facts About Amanda from Amanda Farris

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - The Gifted Gabber

1.I love to run and wake up at 4:30 am on most days of the week to get a run in.
2. I have 4 kids and am an accidental homeschool, work at home mom. I used to coach basketball and teach school. Now I teach at home and get paid in hugs and kisses and love it.
3. I have been to over 40 states in the US.
4. My family milks a cow and does “farm chores” together.
5. I prefer to write my to do list down with a real pencil/paper. I love cute notebooks and have several going at one time for my notes/to do list, even though I usually end up scratching it down on a napkin, envelope, coloring page, or whatever I have close by.

Yay for another paper-and-pencil gal! But 4:30 a.m.?! 

Check out Amanda’s latest McDonald’s post on making Play-doh as a family craft while drinking Shamrock shakes.

5 Random Facts About Sonya from Sonya Kendall

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - The Gifted Gabber1.I’ve never drunk coffee before.
2. I love public libraries and I always check out more books that I can read at once. Right now I have 51 items checked out on my library card.
3. I recently learned how to sew and I love shopping for fabric.
4. Fall is my favorite season.
5. I bake chocolate chip cookies at least once a week from scratch.

Fifty-one books?! Whew! I get overwhelmed when I check out more than three at a time. 

You can find Sonya’s recent adorable chicken craft post here

5 Random Things About Julie from Julie D. Kohl

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - Bloggers - Blogging Friends - Sponsored Posts - Blogger and Brand - Blogging - The Gifted Gabber1. I keep “emergency” socks in my purse. I hate wet feet and you never know when you might end up in a bowling alley.

2. I am an art teacher but my “dream job” would be to work as a cow midwife.

3. I LOVE McDonald’s coffee. It has been my favorite for years. Medium coffee with 4 cream.

4. My favorite place in the whole world is Panama City Beach, Florida. We go there every summer.

5. I have an irrational fear of talking on the phone to anyone who is not related to me.

As a fellow teacher, I’ve come to admire Julie’s tendency to treat herself to a morning coffee from McDonald’s as a reward for showing up to bus duty. Morning duty, y’all. Ugh.

Catch up on Julie’s reasons for loving our Central Arkansas McDonald’s here.

I’m so happy to have met all of these ladies. Some of them I got to know prior to working as a McDonald’s ambassador. 

Now, I feel like I’m meeting up with friends whenever I arrive to an event hosted by McDonald’s. In fact, I can even kind of guess what McDonald’s food some of these McDonald’s ambassador friends of mine would order. 

I’m thinking Ricci would be all about a Mac sandwich because she loves Mac sauce! 

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - Bloggers - Blogging Friends - Sponsored Posts - Blogger and Brand - Blogging - The Gifted Gabber

Amanda has been known for hitting up McDonald’s for it’s tasty smoothies. 

Tiffany has said she doesn’t really have a go-to. Some days, it might be a salad or some days it might be the Crispy Chicken Maple Bacon Dijon Sandwich. An Artisan Chicken Sandwich sounds pretty tasty right now! 

Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - Bloggers - Blogging Friends - Sponsored Posts - Blogger and Brand - Blogging - The Gifted Gabber

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Meet My McDonald's Ambassador Friends - #mcdambassador - The Gifted Gabber

Please visit the blogs of my McDonald’s Ambassador friends and get to know them! You will love them all as much as I do! 



  1. Tiffany Hathorn says:

    This was a really fun post! I loved learning even more about the ladies. And I think you are spot on about the artisan chicken sandwiches. They are sooooo good!

    P.S. Hope to see you and your family tomorrow at Springfest. 🙂

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