Jord Women’s Watch and Giveaway – What We Wore

Disclosure: This Jord Women’s Watch and Giveaway post is a sponsored post. I was provided a watch and giveaway package for my readers as part of a partnership with Jord. As always, I only agree to partner with brands that I think I will really like. 

Jord Women's Watch and Giveaway - The Gifted Gabber

Last week,  we were given a short little tease of fall here in Arkansas. It was actually cool enough for flannel shirts and vests – maybe even a scarf if you dared to jinx the fate. Later in the week, it was back up into the high 80s. 

For our October ladies night out, we let our nine-month pregnant friend pick the restaurant. I don’t know why any of us were surprised when she picked Cracker Barrel! It was definitely a first for any of us to visit Cracker Barrel for ladies night out. But I certainly can’t judge! When I was nine-months pregnant (both times), I had my husband take me to Cracker Barrel the night before each 5 a.m. induction appointment. Something about stuffing my face with hamburger steak smothered in gravy and hash brown casserole just hours before arriving at the hospital to give birth comforted me about the chaos that was about to come!

And, hey, it was even more reason for me to break out my new flannel plaid tunic and vest! My best friend, J, gave me this quilted vest and this plaid tunic along with a pair of olive leggings for my birthday. She knows just what I like!

Also, just a few hours before dinner, I had arrived home to find my new Jord watch on my doorstep! I have been eyeballing a Jord watch for a while now. 

I was really impressed with the packaging details. When your package is this pretty, you know the treasure inside is the real deal. This wooden women’s watch did not disappoint!

Jord Women's Watch and Giveaway - What We Wore - The Gifted Gabber



Jord Women's Watch and Giveaway - What We Wore - The Gifted Gabber

I chose the dark sandalwood and mint version from the Frankie series of the women’s watch line. It was the perfect addition to my Cracker Barrel chic outfit, don’t you think?

Of course, the sleek details will go with nearly any look. I chose this one with the mint face because I’m a green-blue kind of girl – you know, turquoise, mint, teal, and all the similar shades. And the modern vibe of the dark wood is just my style, too. The dark sandalwood is sleek and unexpected for a women’s watch.

But the other designs in the women’s watch shop are pretty awesome, too.

Jord Women's Watch and Giveaway - What We Wore - The Gifted Gabber


I have a little giveaway action going this week, courtesy of Jord Watches. Just think, Christmas is just a hop and a skip away on the calendar now. Whether you are looking for a women’s watch or a men’s watch, Jord has some gorgeous choices. My Hubs has already been eyeballing the website.

And why shouldn’t he? There is a gorgeous line of men’s watches, too.

To enter the giveaway, simply click on the link below and follow the simple steps of adding your name and email address. Jord will take care of the rest to select a winner of a $75 e-gift credit. Plus, ALL entrants will receive an automatic $20 e-gift code! 

Amy’s Jord Watch Giveaway

On Amy

Plaid tunic: Oh So Chic – Ruston, LA

White vest: Oh So Chic – Ruston, LA

Olive jeans: 312 Boutique – Benton, AR

Booties: Old Navy

Watch: Jord Watches

Bracelets/hair ties: Smith-Caldwell – Benton, AR

Wooden Wristwatch

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