Hummus Gift Idea and Free Printable

Disclosure: Recently, I was hired by The Women Bloggers to promote Hummus Made Easy for Bush’s Beans #hummusmadeeasy campaign. That campaign has now ended, and I am not under any obligation or receiving any further payment to publish this additional hummus gift printable post. I am doing so because I think the #hummusmadeeasy is awesome and my gift printable would go well with it as the perfect appreciation gift. 

Hummus Gift Idea and Free Printable

Hummus Gift and Free Printable - The Gifted Gabber


Sometimes you need a gift for those people in your life that keep things humming right along, right? The people that provide a service for you or help keep things straight to save you from losing your mind – which you are close to on any given day, if you are anything like me. This hummus gift idea is one I came up with earlier this week as I was trying to think of what to get our well-deserving day care director and assistant director. I could have given them the same nail polish gift (which I made a free printable for here) that I gave to the girls’ classroom teachers. But I decided to take a different route. I had recently made some hummus printables for my hummus party and thought they turned out so cute. I’m a sucker for cute quotes and fun printables.

I came up with a hummus gift idea and made a printable to go with it. I actually did an online search before my hummus party to see what types of hummus printables were already floating around. Shockingly, I couldn’t find anything. Folks, it’s a rarity when you can’t find a quote about something out there in cyber land! Well, the world now has several hummus printables at its disposal!

I chose several different flavors of the Bush’s Beans Hummus Made Easy – the Roasted Red Pepper and the Southwest Bean. Of course, for your own gift, you could buy a premade hummus or make your own hummus to go alone with this printable. But, I’m here to tell you – Bush’s Hummus Made Easy is a great choice because the gift recipient could save it to enjoy at any time of his or her choosing, and the items do not have to be refrigerated (until the actual hummus is made.) It is great to have for parties, potlucks, lunch, and snacks. And did I mention that it can be whipped up in less than one minute with a food processor or blender? All you do is add a can of beans and the Hummus Made Easy packet to a blender or processor, and then serve with fresh veggies or chips and crackers.

For this hummus gift idea, package the beans and Hummus Made Easy packet (found at Walmart) with your favorite bag of pita chips or crackers and add this cute printable. Wallah! Simple gift!

Hummus Gift Idea and Free Printable - The Gifted Gabber

Hummus Gift Idea and Free Printable - The Gifted Gabber

Download the hummus gift printable here.

I hope you enjoy this hummus gift idea and printable. Who keeps things humming along in your life?

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