Because Being a Girl Mom Rocks Too

Everywhere I look, I see it.

On t-shirts, memes, windshield stickers, hashtags.

The coveted title of boy mom.

I always knew I would be terrible at the job of boy mom. Having grown up an only child with mainly female friends, my exposure to little boys was minimal. When I was around some of my boy cousins, I was horrified by the dirt, the obsession with bugs and rodents, and the constant sports that came along with their daily lives. I have always been a girly girl. The thought of dirt getting on my shoes or of spending hours at the ball field makes me cringe.

When I played house as a little girl, it seemed I was almost always a girl mom with gussied up girl dolls in tow, their hair swinging wildly in long pigtails as I twirled them around this way and that.


Being a Girl Mom Rocks Too! - Motherhood - Mom Life - Parenting - Mom of Girls - Toddlers - Preschoolers - Little Girl Fashion - Little Girl Style - Mom Style - The Gifted Gabber

Of course, I realize many little girls are drawn to sports and dirt, too. But being a boy mom would have provided more of a likelihood of a longtime link to dirt-covered shoes and ballgame sunburns. Just recently, on Facebook, I saw a picture of one of my Facebook friends scrubbing mud out of her son’s baseball uniform – for like the third time that week. Although she seemed tired and overwhelmed with the task, there was another feeling in that photo. Pride. Boy mom. 

I wasn’t cut out for the job. God knew it.

Yet, sometimes when I see little boys swooning over their mamas, I wonder what it would be like to be on the opposite side of things. The enamored way little boys look at their mamas, the way older ones don’t want to disappoint their mamas. Pure sweetness.

But if I were a boy mom, I might have missed the 3 a.m. blood-curdling screams in which my frazzled two-year-old woke up the entire household because she wanted a different hair bow than the one she demanded when she went to bed.

Pride swelled in the heart of this girl mom when that same two-year-old ran into the house carrying the shopping bag of her new boutique outfit she would wear for the fashion show, shrieking, “Fatshion show! Fatshion show, Dada!”

But then the girliness suddenly got out of control – an obsession with purses, shoes, changing outfits multiple times a day and – as I mentioned above – hair accessories. It become too much too fast. Even this girliest of moms became overwhelmed.

For a while, I was totally annoyed by the self-imposed involvement of Scooter Britches in my morning routine.

When she saw me running my straightener through my hair, she pointed at her hair, wanting me to straighten hers. (I only pretended to do so.) When I put on my mascara, her little finger immediately started flicking her own eyelashes.

“My tuuun.”

Now, that I’m no longer a first time mom, I knew what to expect as Little One grew into a curious two-year-old. Same methods, different kid.

Last week, when LO insised the Hubs wait on here while she ran to get her adorable new Cat & Jack purse before leaving for the store, there was no doubt of the girl mom influence going on in this house.

With purse in the crook of her arm, she entered the kitchen and said, “I’m weddy now, Daddy!”

When I am running late – which is nearly always – SB and LO love to start pulling random pairs of shoes out of my closet, insisting I put them on. I find myself getting a little put off by my personal stylists.

When I am cooking or baking, SB wants to be right in the middle, helping to pour ingredients or stir. And if SB is right in the middle, LO wants to be right in the middle, too. Cute? Yes. Practical? No.

During one of my recent annoyances, I had an epiphany of how special it is to have two little girls who want to be like me. I felt guilty of how annoyed I had felt before. These mini-me girls wants to mimic everything I do as though I am someone worthy of copying. They want to insert themselves into all of my actions because I am their role model. My girls. How could I have been irked with such innocent affection?

Girl mom.

In our home, Daddy has been the longtime favorite. I never expected anything different, knowing the familiar bond a little girl has with her daddy.

But you know what? I could swear that LO has a special little grin and squeal she reserves just for her mama. And I’m content with keeping that our little secret. And I like to think I am SB’s favorite cuddle buddy on the counch.

Being a Girl Mom Rocks Too! - Motherhood - Mom Life - Parenting - Mom of Girls - Toddlers - Preschoolers - Little Girl Fashion - Little Girl Style - Mom Style - The Gifted Gabber

Being a Girl Mom Rocks Too! - Motherhood - Mom Life - Parenting - Mom of Girls - Toddlers - Preschoolers - Little Girl Fashion - Little Girl Style - Mom Style - The Gifted Gabber

Being a Girl Mom Rocks Too! - Motherhood - Mom Life - Parenting - Mom of Girls - Toddlers - Preschoolers - Little Girl Fashion - Little Girl Style - Mom Style - The Gifted Gabber

As a daughter myself and a teacher of adolescent girls, I know relationships between moms and daughters can have some rocky paths. I don’t look forward to those times ahead. But for now, I will enjoy pretending to brush mascara on SB’s and LO’s beautiful lashes, pull out two extra mixing spoons, and cherish all of the fashion advice.

Here’s to all the girl moms, boy moms, moms in waiting, and moms with babies in Heaven. May you feel pride for whatever you call yourself.

All photos on this page are by the amazing Lori Sparkman Photography!

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  1. Mummascribbles says:

    I'm a boy mum and I have to stop him from putting my make up on haha!!! He stands in front of the mirror with my eyelash curlers, loves to brush and dry my hair and on the other side, loves to get as dirty as can be (while begging for baby wipes!). I love being a boy mum – the hugs are just the best 🙂 Thanks for linking up a gorgeous post with #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Sadia says:

    I love having girls. Love, love, love it, even if they are quite a bit girlier than me. I'm sure I would have risen to the challenge with boys, but I do like the ease I feel with girls.

  3. Bridget/The Recipe Wench says:

    Thank you! I'm a mom to two daughters — they are grown now (20 and 22 years old). I grew up with 3 brothers (no sisters). I was THRILLED to have my daughters and imagined all the hair combing, dress shopping, cooking and cleaning we would do together. Nope! That all lasted just a few years before they hit their teens. Now, though, it's all developed into something pretty special — we are 3 women. Close friends. I love it. And I finally got "my son" when our oldest got married. Life is good. Thanks for sharing at the Inspire Me Mondays Link-Up. Have a fantastic weekend!

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