Game Day Letter Board Quotes and Other Party Ideas

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Red Baron Pizza. I am being compensated for this Game Day Letter Board Quotes and Other Party Ideas post as part of my collaboration for #RedBaronGameTime. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

For the past few years, I’ve been trying to embrace the whole football family thing. After all, The Hubs lives and breathes Arkansas Razorback football. Even our girly-girl daughters do seem taken with the Razorback enthusiasm even if they don’t watch the game for very long.

We live in the south. Football is a way of life around here. Not being sports-minded at all, embracing game day has always been a struggle. I’ve always wished I understood more about the actual rules of football so I could better enjoy it.

After many years of struggling to find myself in this football-crazed world we live in, I found my role. I love to entertain and organize parties – even if it is in celebration of something I don’t entirely get. Why not host a football party for my own little family on game days?  I’ve realized my girls will more likely grow up to enjoy and understand football if we make football weekends fun.

This week, we tried Red Baron Minis and the Red Baron Deep Dish Singles. They were quick to prepare and easy for the girls to eat. These make for a super simple pizza party for game day. The Hubs bought the Red Baron pizzas at Sam’s Club last week while he picked up some new shelving for our garage.

Red Baron pizza at Sam's Club - The Gifted Gabber

Game Day Letter Board Quotes - Red Baron Pizza - The Gifted Gabber

Game Day Letter Board Quotes - Red Baron Pizza - The Gifted Gabber

Game Day Letter Board Quotes - Red Baron Pizza - The Gifted Gabber

For game day, I decided to try the Red Baron Minis in my handy-dandy newish air fryer. I have probably used the air fryer less than 10 times, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to use it more.

As usual, my little cheerleaders wanted to help out. Scooter Britches put the frozen mini pizzas in the air fryer, and we set it for seven minutes at 400 degrees. Meanwhile, I popped three of the deep dish singles in the oven.


Frozen pizza in air fryer - Red Baron - The Gifted Gabber

Frozen pizza in air fryer - Red Baron - The Gifted Gabber

Both versions came out gooey and delicious. Next time, I will try a deep dish single in the air fryer too. I love how crunchy the outer edges were on the pizza.

Small pizzas on tray - Red Baron - The Gifted Gabber


Small pizzas on tray - Red Baron - The Gifted Gabber


Little girls wtih pizzas on tray - Red Baron - The Gifted Gabber

For decorations, I grabbed some Razorback-themed items that I keep stored with my party supplies. I dug around in the craft supply drawers and found some brown lunch sacks. I was originally going to cut them into little football shapes, but then I decided to use them for popcorn. It only took about five minutes to make the bags look like footballs by gluing white strips of paper to them. (It would be easy to make a whole bunch of these at once to keep on hand throughout game season).  


Popcorn bags that look like footballs with football quote on letter board - The Gifted Gabber

Share the pie board with pom pom and bowl of trail mix - The Gifted Gabber

Recently, I’ve been trying to incorporate my letter board into anything I can. The possibilities are endless with a letter board! I searched Google hoping to find some cute game day letter board quotes. I was disappointed that there weren’t nearly as many cute quotes out there as I expected concerning pizza parties or football parties. Here are a few I found.

Food, Family, Football

Eat pizza with me.

We can’t keep calm. Football is on.

Ready Set Eat Letter Board - Game Day Quote - The Gifted Gabber





I decided to come up with my own wording ideas to use in the future. I am sharing them below. These would all be cute on a chalkboard, too.


Game day.

Time to slay.


Passes. Popcorn. Pizza.


You pass the ball.

I’ll pass the pizza.


Let’s just eat pizza and watch football.


I like football. You like football.

I like pizza. You like pizza.



All you need is football.

And pizza.


Football on the screen.

Pizza on the plate.


If the score disappoints, eat another slice.


You had me at pizza and football.


Football on my mind. Pizza on my plate.


One slice and one score at a time.


Check score.

Take bite.



Football. Check.

Family. Check.

Pizza. Check.




Ready Set Eat Quote - Simple Game Day Ideas for a Football Family - Family Football Party Ideas - #ad by Red Baron for Football and Pizza Night - The Gifted Gabber

My team.

My people.

My plate.


Keep score on the screen,  

but not on my plate.


Count points, not slices.


The pizza’s hot – even if the score is not.


Three things I care about today…

Football. Food. Football.


Football, family & food.

Doesn’t get more Sunday Funday than that.


Saturdays are for family, food & football.


My mom recently gave us this cute pizza game. The game box opens like a pizza box. The game is divided into wedges with game cards shaped like pizza slices. The game is meant to play while eating pizza. It made for a fun activity for the kids while we at our pizza during half time.


Game Board that looks like pizza slices


Little girl eating pizza on game day - Red Baron Pizza - The Gifted Gabber


Now that we had our first family-only game day party, I’ll be all set for the next one with the help of Red Baron Minis and Red Baron Deep Dish pizzas, the extra popcorn bags that I made ahead of time, and some new game day letter board quotes! There are so many other family-friendly ideas I plan to check out for future game days. Here are some ideas I plan to use:

A Tailgate Pizza Bar by Binkies and Baubles

Decorating a Football Helmet by Our Pretty Little Girls

Printable Football Activities by Everyday Shortcuts

Pizza Kabobs by Frugal Foodie Mama

Which game day letter board quotes are your favorites?



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    This is such a great idea to enjoy game day! I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’m not a football fan either and I don’t understand it at all. But I have learned to come around and I do the samething and make food and make a day out of it!

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