Five on Friday

I’m linking up for Five on Friday with Darci and the girls at The Good Life Blog. In honor of three years of marriage celebrated yesterday, I’m blogging about all things anniversary.


Cannot believe this amazing day was three years ago already. Time really does move faster than you think, just like Kip Moore tells us.


I decided to do a tradition of a family anniversary meal each year. With our wedding china and our kid. We started this last year, when SB was only three weeks old. After all, our whole family really began with our wedding. Decided to try Amanda’s spicy sausage pasta recipe. Oh, my word. It is definitely going to join the dinner rotation.


Despite our family dinner, a night out with my hubby all to myself is always welcome, too. One of Hubby’s coworkers was gracious enough to offer to babysit for us so we could have an anniversary night out on the town, too. We went to Ciao Baci, a quaint little restaurant downtown.

SB had a great time and didn’t even notice we had left. This was only the fourth time in more than a year that we had left SB with anyone (other than when she goes to daycare, of course). Last Friday, one of my best friends was sweet enough to come watch her so we could have a night out with other friends. I almost feel like I have an outside-the-home life with two Friday nights out in a row!


One of my favorite things about Ciao Baci is its contribution to the “eatiply” program. Love it.


The Hubby and I are not particularly romantic. We savor the small little sweet things of daily life over big, fussy romantic gestures. I mean, I asked the man what he wanted for our anniversary, and he pointed me in the direction of a special work saw from Lowe’s. Of course, the fact that I asked him what he wanted for a gift shows my own struggling romantic side.

But he knows he can’t go wrong with flowers. Of course, the romantic moment was slightly truncated when one of my students yelled out, “Who died?!” as my beautiful roses were delivered to my classroom. Nothing like trying to savor a little glamour in a room with 27 thirteen-year-olds.

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