Five on Friday

Happy Five on Friday! Can’t wait to see what everyone on Darci’s blog has for today’s thoughts.


These neon-capped mommy and me shoes. Oh. My. Stars. Check out this adorable mommy and me pic on Oh Joy. (Quite a fabulous blog, by the way.)


I’ve been on a meme kick, lately. But doesn’t this one just sum it all up? And here I thought I was the only one. The worst is when something so very simple is misspelled or someone has used “your” instead of “you’re.” Ughh! I love this meme from someecards
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I am ordering two or thee of these awesome wiggle cushions from Isokinetics for my classroom! Could be used as incentives each week. The top three or four kids from each class (for a certain behavior, for following procedures, for grades, etc.) could be rewarded with the wiggle cushion. Hey, who wouldn’t want a cushy wiggle pad under their booty after sitting in those awful hard plastic chairs all day?

Image from Isokinetics website. 


I like most things in my home. I use most things in my home. I don’t love everything and I certainly don’t use everything. Need to keep this mantra in mind! William Morris was a wise soul.

This beautiful hand-lettered art is by artist Lisa Congdon, from day 285 of her series 365 Days of Hand Lettering.

After seeing this poster posted on a friend’s facebook page, I traced it back to amazing artist Lisa Congdon. You should see some of her colorful designs. Incredible!


I can’t tell you how excited I am to attend the Arkansas Women Bloggers annual conference tomorrow! I only found out about it on Wednesday night by happenstance. I was between a rock and a hard place on whether I should attend because my Saturday was already packed with plans including a National Board Certified Teacher conference on Saturday morning and Razorback tailgating with the hubby, Scooter Britches, and friends on Saturday afternoon. After much debating, I had to go with my heart and cancel the other conference and the tailgating. The three-day conference is actually an overnight retreat at a really cool venue outside of Little Rock. I am not going to spend the nights because I want and need to be home with Scooter Britches some and I know the hubby will need some relief from baby-duty. I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone – showing up at a conference where I know no one. Eeek! So excited to meet local women who enjoy blogging and other similar interests!

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