Easy Gold Medal Cookies – Cooking with Kids

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of $5 Family Fun, an e-Book by Meggan Spicer, for reviewing purposes. I chose this activity on easy gold medal cookies to review.

There is a lot of energy in the air right now, huh? I mean a fresh school year is around the corner and a certain huge event is taking place right now in Rio. (Bloggers and brands are pretty much not allowed to name or speak of this event in published pieces unless they are official sponsors.) There is lots of energy and optimism out there right now! And we are all hoping for a winning year!

Today, I am reviewing how to create easy gold medal cookies using two items you can purchase for under $5 at the store. This idea comes from Meggan Spicer’s e-Book, $5 Family Fun. Specifically, these activities come from the section titled Spirit Games.

Easy Gold Medal Cookies - Cooking with Kids - The Gifted Gabber

Historically, medals have been handed out as recognition for various competitive areas – especially athletics. These days, medals are also given for competitions in the fine arts and for academic accomplishments.

The ideas Spicer provides in her Spirit Games section would really energize young kids – or even the entire family – for a family or neighborhood athletic “tournament.” There are ideas for races, decorations, and food.

The ideas are less than $5 and are really simple to put together.

You know I couldn’t pass up trying out these easy gold medal cookies with my littles!  These go along perfectly with our Cooking with Kids series, even though no actual cooking is involved. The cookie awards are especially great for our household because they are simple enough to allow really young kids to help. The creation of them emphasizes a simple sequence of steps which my 20-month-old and, especially, my 3-year-old can follow.

Easy Gold Medal Cookies – Cooking with Kids


  • 1 package vanilla sandwich cookies
  • 1 package candy rope or candy straws


  1. Gently twist apart the two sides of one sandwich cookie to separate into two pieces.
  2. Into the cream center of one half of the cookie, press the two end pieces of the candy rope so the rope is bent into a u-shape. Do not press too hard or the cookie may break.
  3. Top with the other half of the cookie.
  4. Repeat to create as many gold medals as you want.
  5. Plate the gold medal cookies.
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The great thing about these easy gold medal cookies is that they are perfect for an athletic-themed event but they could also be used for other things such as end-of-school-year awards ceremonies.
 Easy Gold Medal Cookies - Cooking with Kids - The Gifted Gabber
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