Circle Bags – What We’re Loving

So who else is obsessed with circle bags right now?
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I thought so! As we speak, I’m here trying to decided which one I need want. For me, it’s kind of a toss up between the large jute shopper bag and the black-and-cream bag. The jute bag would be perfect for all the mommy stuff I drag around constantly, whereas the black-and-cream would be for more specific outings.
Hmmm…two different purposes.
I probably should just get them both, yes?
I remember having some circle bags when they were trending years ago. I’ve always had a liking for things that were more on the irregular side.
The pink crossbody is super cute, but it’s a bit small for my lifestyle. Where would the 47 pounds of junk fit? And my shoes that I occassionally tuck into my bag? And a whole charging bag for my phone? And the 24 gift cards that I carry around for “a rainy day?”
Circle Bags


Tote bag

Shoulder bag




 There are also some super cute ones on sale at Macy’s right now. They come in three colors: black, cognac, and wine.
Then there is this studded crossbody one at Kohl’s which comes in black, oxblood, and camel.
Are you into circle bags? Which style speaks to you?

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