Colorful Christmas Home Tour

Another day, another Christmas home tour, huh?

Well, if you are like me, you could look at one Christmas home tour – or any home tour – right after another all day long!

Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

The problem with posting a Christmas home tour is the same problem with posting anything else this time of year. My home gets incredible natural light…when I am at work. By the time I get home in the winter months, the daylight is nearly gone which equates to dull photos. I held out till this past weekend to take my pictures only to be disappointed by rainy, gloomy skies. So on we go, dull photos or not.

Last year was our first Christmas in our new house. I was in major overwhelm with having a newborn and a two-year-old and didn’t go all out with vignettes and extra touches.

This year, I tried to put up a few special vignettes around the house.

Our nine-foot Christmas tree is placed in the only place that really accommodates it. I wish we had room to place it near a front window, but that is just not the way our home is designed. As I mentioned in this post, I’m a bit mawkish when it comes to sentimental Christmas ornaments. My tree is filled with travel souvenirs and gifts from friends, family, and students.

To make my home tour stand out among the masses, I popped in a couple of cute babies here and there.

Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

Last year, in a painting class hosted by one of my art teacher coworkers, I painted this snowman. I like the imperfect vibe he brings to the living room. It matches the overall imperfect aura I think our home gives. You know the one – mostly nice but a few things a bit off here and there.

The garland above the door is one I scored from Junior League of Little Rock’s annual Holiday House a few years ago. It was the only one I saw like it in the entire market place. I remember not even being annoyed that I had to lug it around all night because every woman I passed had her eyes on it – and it was all mine.

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

This little vignette is set upon our bookcase/cabinet in the living room. I bought the little tree years ago at Tuesday Morning. I’ve moved it all around over the years. The garland was purchased a few years ago from Kirkland’s. I found the pear and the deer vase a few weeks ago at Painted Tree Vintage, which is like a combination boutique/flea market type of place. I spend way too much money every time I go in the place!

My attempt at chalkboard art always is a bit agley. Again, I’ve learned to let a bit of imperfection become part of our overall style around this place.

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

I struggle big time when it comes to the mantle. It brings me great stress each year for whatever the reason. This year, I went with the big snowman picture I put up last year but I changed out the other items. I love how the snowman picture reflects the many reindeer and snowmen I put up around the house.

The brass “blessings” sign was picked up at Kirkland’s around Thanksgiving. I wondered if I should only use it in my Thanksgiving decor, but then I realized that blessings are part of our daily lives no matter the season. I’ve had the trees and reindeer for years. The candles are wrapped in a thick, textured yarn and are perfect for winter. I found them last year at I.O. Metro in Little Rock.

Someday, I would like to go back to decorating the hearth, too, but for now it is baby proofed with a padded seating area made by my mom.

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

This “merry” pillow was a recent purchase from one of my favorite local boutiques. I just love the simple punch it brings to the whole seating area.

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

The dining room is a place I try to keep festive but simple. Maybe some day when we don’t have grabby little hands all around the table, I might go all out with individual name markers and all of that jazz. This is not that time. For now, we keep it simple with place mats and gold chargers. Before our Christmas meal, I will add my colorful Fiesta dishes in greens and reds to set atop the light blue mats.

I’m still loving my wooden box and vases from Kirkland’s. It is so much fun to change it out every season.

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

In the entrance, I added a surprise gift my Little One made me at day care. Thank goodness for crafty day care teachers! I see all of these handprint and footprint ideas all over Pinterest, but I don’t feel the least bit crafty enough to even attempt them on my own. I love these sweet little reindeer feet.

Christmas home tour 2015 - The Gifted Gabber

This cute little rocking chair once belonged to The Hubs. I just love to work it into the seasons now for the girls.

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

The kitchen only got a few pops of decor, mainly because I don’t care for many sit-outs in my kitchen. I love how this tray kind of came together in a whole new way with things I already had.

colorful Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

Christmas home tour - The Gifted Gabber

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  1. Life Loving says:

    Wow your house is so Christmassy. You’ve got some lovely bits. That garland is pretty special, no wonder you didn’t mind one bit about lugging it around. The cushions are really nice too.

    I felt quite sad taking my Christmas tree down today, I bet you did too Amy. Christmas is such a special time. Oh well, not long until we can start planning the next one!

    Sally @ Life Loving

  2. Ada says:

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas home with us, I can view home tours for hours in a row and I did some of that yesterday actually. The area where you have the skinny tree and the porcelain reindeer vase and your mantle are my favorite. Also, from our collaboration post, your porch looked wonderful. I just found out about Kirkland this week – we got our first one in Michigan and I cannot wait to visit it.

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, Amy!

  3. Brooke says:

    Loved it. The white deer was one of my favorite pieces. Also, couldn’t get enough of the christmas jimmies. Our kids love breaking there’s out on Thanksgiving and wearing them through the new year. You home looks lovely. Have a Merry Christmas.


  4. Tiffany Hathorn says:

    It looks like you put a lot of effort into adding whimsical and Christmas-y details to your home. Looks nice! Every year I tell myself that I will decorate. Every year, I fail. Lol! Now that my son is getting older, though, I should probably put in more effort. I still have over a week to give it a go, right? Lol!

    • The Gifted Gabber says:

      Thanks, Tiffany! Totally understand. It really is tough to get motivated for doing much with holiday decor when little ones are in the house. Between all the clutter that kids bring and the large volume of holiday pieces, it can get overwhelming.

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