Little One’s Baby Baptism

This weekend was a biggie as it was my 30-something birthday plus Little One’s baby baptism. We had lots of family and friends over, and the whole weekend flew by in a blur as fun weekends usually do.

Two years ago, my mom put her heart and soul into making Scooter Britches’ baptism gown from pieces of my wedding gown (which she had also made). And now LO has already worn it, too. It seriously seems like we were just baptizing SB. As my Dad says – on repeat lately – time is wasting away. Hopefully, the dress will become an heirloom for future grandchildren.

baby baptism baby baptism baby baptism

I was so proud of LO during the baptism. She missed her morning nap because of our church schedule and was somewhat cranky, yet she held it together pretty well during the baptism ceremony. Of course, we forgot her normal pacifier, and I managed to find her Wubbanub paci in the bottom of her diaper bag. It was probably the most gaudy paci to have during a baby baptism ceremony, but what do ya do?

SB was the stinker. During the ceremony, she kept yanking my dangling necklace over and over again and laughing hysterically. She was in total mischief mode. And if the image of me bent over with a two-year-old yanking my necklace with all her might during a church ceremony isn’t funny enough, add to it an eight-month-old snatching my hair by the handful with her grabby hand.  Yep, all during the baptism ceremony. Comedy is all around us, isn’t it?

baby baptism

My best friend since junior high, J, is the godmother to both of the girls, and her husband, D, is the godfather.

baby baptism

baby baptism

baby baptism

After the baby baptism, everyone headed back to our house for a nacho bar.

baby baptism

baby baptism

Dessert included cupcakes and these miniature strawberry cheesecake-shortcake trifles. Find the recipe at My Kitchen Craze.

baby baptism baby baptism

baby baptism

How happy I am to be able to share special days like this with two of my best friends from childhood. It is my hope that SB and LO are as blessed as I have been with longtime friends.

baby baptism baby baptism baby baptism

Do you have any special traditions or heirlooms that your family uses in baby baptisms or dedications?

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  1. Melinda says:

    Love the name Scooter Britches!!!
    How sweet that your mom made the baptism gown from your wedding dress. That’s an heirloom for sure.
    Here from Inspire Me Monday.

    • The Gifted Gabber says:

      Thank you, Melinda! When she was a baby, she was such a fast crawler from like 7 months on and walking at like 9 months, so it was just a name that stuck so I decided to use it for her blog identity, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Mica says:

    Oh what a special gown to be made from your wedding dress! 🙂 We were in the special position of having gowns from both my side of the family (over 40 years old) and hubby’s family (over 60 years old) but sadly the one from hubby’s side of the family did not last after it’s last storage. It did make the decision for what outfit baby should wear easier I guess. It was nice to have him dedicated in the same gown I was dedicated in all those years ago!

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