10 Things Little One Says at Almost 2

It’s come so fast. My squishy, squealy Little One is two-years-old today. Just two weeks ago, my Scooter Britches turned four. (To keep her three-year-old self alive, I wrote a sappy post about the 10 things she said and did at three here.) This is all too much emotion for a mama’s heart at once. Today, I’m sharing 10 things my Little One says at almost 2.

10 Things Little One Says at Almost 2 - The Gifted Gabber

Photo by Lori Sparkman Photography

10 Things She Says at Almost 2

1 “Hi, Mommy!” or “Hi, Daddy!”

Few things can melt my heart more than seeing my little diaper-clad sweetie rounding a corner, smiling as big as the sun before blurting “Hi, Mommy!” Her voice is just angelic! So. Angelic. Her enthusiasm makes me feel like I am the most special person on earth.

2 “I’m Mama’s baby. I’m Sissy’s baby. I’m Daddy’s baby.”

When I ask her if she is my baby, she rattles off a list of the entire family. It is the sweetest.

10 Things Little One Says at Almost 2 - The Gifted Gabber

Photo by Lori Sparkman Photography

3 “More, more, more.”

When she wants more of food or drink (or anything, really), she always says “more” three times in a row. Sometimes, she uses sign language with it, thanks to her teachers at day care.

4 “No bed! No night-night!”

The kid adamantly resists naps and bedtime with a nice ear-piercing serenade of opposition. It is a chore and testament to our patience to get this kid in bed every day.

5 “Ashes, ashes!”

For whatever reason, this is one of those song lyrics that LO picked up immediately. No matter where we are or what we are doing, she will just start singing, “Ashes, ashes!” at the top of her lungs.

6 “Wub ewe.”

This is one that she has said for a long while. It’s funny because she can correctly say “love” and she can say “you” but just not together in the same sentence. But it doesn’t matter. I will take all the “wub ewes,” sloppy kisses, and hugs she will give.

7 “Mmmm-hhmmm.”

When you ask her if she wants something, she sometimes says “yes.” But most times she says “mmmm-hhmmm,” with the emphasis on the end-part based on how much interest she has.

8 “I get it!”

She is so proud to run and grab anything that falls or anything that she notices I am looking for. It is so funny to watch her trying to be a big helper.

10 Things Little One Says at Almost 2 - The Gifted Gabber

Photo by Lori Sparkman Photography

9 “Bye-bye.”

Again, she has been saying this one for a long time, but it is the sheer sweetness of her voice when she says this that makes you want her to say it over and over again.

10 “No, no, Mama! No, no! That’s mine!”

Surely, we couldn’t have a list without the good ole’ “mine” on it!

And because I couldn’t actually stick with just 10 favorite things she says at almost 2…

11 “Where Da-da go?” or “Where Mommy go?”

This precious girl is so vibrant with life and energy at this stage. When she was an infant, she had a more mellow nature. Now, her personality really shows. She still spends long periods as a quiet observer, but she also makes her presence known, too.

As much as I wish I could keep her as this pint-sized angel forever, I know she will be bigger than me before I blink. I don’t ever want to forget how she smiles and squeezes her eyes shut for five seconds longer than she has to when giving kisses. I don’t want to forget the sleepy noises she makes in the minutes before she falls asleep. Or the very similar “it must be good” noises she makes when she eats. Oh, how I will miss those sounds!

Her hugs have gotten so strong lately and her run so fast. She had been a late walker, and I remember how I had worried – only to wish for her to slow down now.

When she runs to cuddle with her sister, the world stops turning.

10 Things Little One Says at Almost 2 - The Gifted Gabber

Photo by Lori Sparkman Photography

Oh, how I will miss all the special times of this sweet baby being almost 2! But I look forward to continue watching her grow into a fun little girl.

Happy birthday, sweet Little One! I love you more than the moon and the sun and the stars.

10 Things Little One Says at Almost 2 - The Gifted Gabber

Photo by Lori Sparkman Photography

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  1. jodi says:

    You are clearly a mama in love! Enjoy those days with your littles and take heart knowing when they are big they are still amazing and wonderful, just ion a new way! Enjoy ALL the stages, because they just keep changing!

  2. Ada says:

    She’s so cute! I have a nephew he’s 3 right now but I do remember his first words last year: a lot of them where exactly the same, and no night night was his favourite 🙂

  3. Zakiya @ Have That Cake says:

    This is so precious! You’ve given me the idea to do the same for my little boy who’s now one. Such a beautiful time!!

    Even though it wasn’t my daughter, my heart was still swelling up and I was awwwwwing all over the place ??? BEAUTIFUL!!

    Enjoy it all Mama! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Carolina Twin Mom / Mary Peterson says:

    She is the cutest little one and I can tell you are the proudest mama! I’ve heard more than a few moms talk about how much they dislike the “mine, mine” talk, but I’m of the belief that it sets the groundwork for a child being able to stand up for herself. Lucky little girl to be surrounded with such love. #TwinklyTuesday

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