A Delayed Aha Moment: My 2014 Rocked

The year 2014 is a thing of the past and 2015 has taken off in a gallop. But humor me this one very late “new year’ post. I had a revelation a few days ago. An aha moment of how blind I had been to my blessings in 2014…one of my biggest and most fulfilling years yet. Life changes abounded.

My only sadness in this revelation is realizing that I did not thank God enough for my many blessings as they were unfolding. I like to think God gives a little grace to those of us who don’t catch on so fast.

It was really a great year.

1.) This beauty. No further explanation needed.

Weeeell, y’all know how verbose I am. Of course, there is more explanation. Conciseness is not my thing.

This little charmer made her way into our lives in November after a long but healthy pregnancy. Her laid-back nature and loud giggles remind me daily that our family is now complete and beyond blessed. Since she is the last baby for us, I try to savor every minute of her sweetness. Seeing proud big sister SB being so helpful and treating her so gently has melted my heart over and over again.

2.) How fortunate The Hubs and I were to sell our home (a home I already owned before we were married) and buy our first family home together. Without killing each other. We are both set in our ways of what we like and what we don’t, and I had stressed that finding a home we both were happy with would prick our relationship. Not that we saw eye-to-eye on everything dealing with the sale of our other home and the purchase of our new one, but things did go pretty smoothly.

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to my home of nine years.

A few weeks after moving in. The Hubs has worked so hard to “green up” the yard since then.
Three months after moving in.

3.) I got to spend one last amazing year with the most precious fur baby that ever did live. Although it hurt tremendously to let her go, I know how blessed I was to have had her by my side for 14 years.

4.)   Y’all. This. This is the second most prized book in my house (you know what the first one is). This hardback marks the end of a lo-o-o-n-g journey in completing my master degree in second language acquisition and pedagogy. What is that, you ask? A degree for learning to be a better foreign language teacher, basically. In the course of my schooling, I have learned that not all master degree programs are created equal. Lucky me, I found my way into one of the more intense programs. There were times I really thought I couldn’t push on any further – especially during the two-year process of writing the 120 page thesis. That APA style is the devil!

5.) I completed my tenth year of teaching at my current school – a school which I love with all my heart. This makes 12 years total for spending my days enclosed in a room with 8th-graders. Have you guys spent much time with 8th-graders? If not, you just have nooo idea what an accomplishment it is that I made it past the first year, much less 11 more. Many days, I don’t think I will make it past fifth period. Chocolate helps.

6.) After several years of doing the whole “let’s get together soon” thing that we all are so guilty of, my Boston family and I finally made it happen. How it warmed my heart to spend time with so much family all at once.

With only a few of the many cousins

7.) I wrapped up an amazing eight-year run as an active member of the Junior League of Little Rock. I learned so much in those eight years about community outreach, collaboration, service, and personal growth. I’m so proud of the events, the cookbooks, the community service efforts, and the unity of strong women that this organization presents. The icing on the cake came in the form of lifelong friends I made along the way.

Cookbook, anyone?

Going to count my blessings from the start in 2015!


  1. Dian Polk says:

    Amy, I have been a friend of your Mother in Laws since 7th grade. We spent our college years together as well and have never lost touch which is wonderful. Lots of great memories! When I read about you, I realize That we have a lot in common. My daughter's name is Amy. You have taught with my dear friend Robin Stripling. I have taught Middle School Special Ed. In Conway For Ab out 25 years. A few of those years were doing inclusion English with Robin. How lucky for me. This is my third year of retirement. Public school retirement is a good thing! You have two beautiful little girls. Cherish your time with them! Dian Polk

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